Crumbs is an independent baker; Caya Pound, from South Devon. She bakes some of the most delicious looking (and tasting) things you’ll ever lay eyes upon!

When Crumbs formed, Caya asked me to create a logo and brand identity that she could use for her new business. Working with brand new businesses is always really exciting as they have mountains of ideas and enthusiasm for what they could be, so I jumped at the opportunity! After some discussion we decided to dream as big as possible. The competition in the field told us that for the most part, independent bakeries were less concerned about their brand identity – and for them, rightfully focussed on the cakes! This put Caya in a unique position to work with me to create an identity that would portray her professionally with a brand that would not age and she could grow into.

I started by looking through books of hand-painted signs, searching for styles and ideas I liked. Paired with a clean sans-serif and after lots of doodling, the logo for Crumbs was born!