Who and what is Mephisto's Café?

Sorry to trick you, but we’re not a quirky independent Barista’s despite our namesake. Mephisto’s Café is an unique and ambitious creative design studio based in Plymouth, Devon. Born from a long-standing passion for breaking the rules and a commitment to approach design from a meticulously, traditionally perfect way.

We use illustrative flair, overtly garish – even tacky – type. We dare to delve into often shunned distortion and texture. Most importantly, we help develop your brand and design something very you… and a little bit us.

We hold no staunch or self imposed rules, but we definitely do right by us and we do great by you.

Tell me more about...

We offer a range of branding packages from fine-tuning & growing what you already have, or building from scratch.

We’ve worked with all variety of clients in the past, from cupcake bakers and pizzerias to doctors surgeries and consultants. Needless to say we’re pretty determined that we can create an identity that works whoever you are!

With an incredible attention to detail, we offer awesome layout design from books and magazines to vinyl records or pamphlets.

Our background is in print design and layout, so you can count on us to design layouts which are not only aesthetically intelligent, but also created with print outcomes in mind, ensuring that colour and brightness of pages is given attention.

Did we mention we can draw, really, really well?  Illustration tends to be a big part of the work we produce and we’d love to keep it that way.

In a culture where more and more importance is placed on unique and independent craft, we’ve used illustration in design projects more-and-more to create a truly bespoke outcome.

Who needs a brush type-face when you have an actual brush?

We mentioned our background in print and layout right? That’s left us with an expert level knowledge of printing processes.

A working knowledge of current print process, hot-foiling, pantone inks, packaging nets and card stocks means we can help make sure your work is going to be picture perfect. Literally

We love making posters, it’s one of our favourite things to do! One of our reasons for starting this studio was an excuse to screen-print things.

We offer great deals to independent musicians and businesses for poster design because we just love making posters.

Our background in print was formed around the music industry, it’s where we honed these skills. It also means we’re no stranger to merch design and there’s little more satisfying than designing t-shirts!