Design, Illustration
& Creative Direction

What is Mephisto's Café?

Mephisto’s Café is an unique and ambitious creative graphic design & illustration studio based in Plymouth, Devon.

Born from a long-standing passion for breaking the rules as well as a commitment to approach design from a meticulously, traditionally perfect way. The reason for this? Simple: we love to make things look really good.

We use illustrative flair, overtly garish – even tacky – type. We dare to delve into often shunned distortion and texture.

Above all, we help develop your brand and design something very you… and a little bit us.

Our work

We’re always up to something, maybe it’s something sparkly for one of our lovely clients (thanks guys), or perhaps we’re attempting to make some hair-brained scheme come to life. Either way we’re busy! Click one of the links below to find out more about that project.

What we offer

Mephisto's Cafe - Branding

Brand Development

We offer a range of branding packages that range from fine-tuning & growing what you already have, to building a brand from scratch.



We have a rich background knowledge of printing processes. We can help make sure your work is going to be picture perfect. Literally.


Layout Design

With an incredible attention to detail, we offer awesome layout design from books and magazines to vinyl records or pamphlets.


Poster Design

We love making posters, it's one of our favourite things to do! Check out our work and get in touch for when you need to really catch your audience's attention.



Did we mention we can draw, really, really well? Check out our work and you'll see that illustration tends to be a big part of the work we produce.


Garment Design

With a background in design for the music industry, we're no stranger to putting together an awesome t-shirt design, get in touch to get yours designed today!