What is Mephisto's Cafe?

Who and what are we? Why should you care?

Mephisto's Cafe is the start of an adventure and the product of a long term dream.

A collective effort to bring vibrant, eye-catching and bold solutions to design, illustration and creative direction.


Started by Alexander Lucas & Molly Gardner in Plymouth, Devon, Mephisto's is an independent creative studio focussed on Graphic Design, Layout Design, Illustration, Poster and Garment design, Web/UX development and Project Management.


With a background in design for the music industry and development for small and independent businesses, Mephisto's aims to deliver design without the corporate bullshittery.


Simply, it is design for the love of creating something.

Mephisto's Cafe is Alexander Lucas & Molly Gardner. All images (c) to Mephisto's Cafe 2017. No images may be re-used without permission. All rights reserved.